When each of these areas are focused on, deeper richer lives are lived.

As we build a relationship with someone trust grows and it is from that place that we are able to call out their best and encourage growth in all aspects based on their interests and goals.

We welcome dialogue and input from families regarding their loved one’s pursuits.

Light of the Prairies seeks to enrich the lives of the people we support by encouraging relationship with their families, and friends.

At Light of the Prairies we strive to have our homes become that place of belonging for those that live there.

Our homes are located throughout the city of Saskatoon individually led by a very experienced leadership team who are equipped to provide support for extensive and complex needs.

All roommates are selected based on their fit with one another, creating a unique family atmosphere in each home. We encourage healthy loving relationships and welcome friends and family members of those we support into their loved one’s home.

We rate much of our success by the joy, fulfillment and fullness of life in the lives of the people we support.

Our staff are equipped to build genuine relationships with the participants and it is out of this relationship that support takes place.

We get to know each participant personally and as we learn about their strengths, personality and comforts we tailor a support plan created to draw out their very best.

Those closest to the individual including family members are invited to be apart of the conversation and offer insight to the development of the plan.

It is then implemented through a variety of daily recreational activities, community outings and life building skills.

The Semi-Independent Living Program is for those that live on their own yet require some assistance with daily living tasks. We come along side and offer support in all areas of life including household management, finance and social networking.

We work diligently with their gifts and strengths to enrich their own lives and the lives of those around them.

May through August all people are welcome to come and participate in the program, including school groups, senior centers, families and everyone in between.

Through coordinated activities we ask all participants to push past the social barriers and personal comfort zones and get to know one another all while having fun and experiencing new things together. The Program takes place on a farm that rests just outside of the city at 5310 Clarence Ave S. It is both a peaceful and lively place were people come together to connect and build friendships surrounded by nature.