A Strong Foundation

We are relationship builders. We build them based on three simple and complex words, ‘Do Love First’. We teach people how to truly care and express love to others. That means we train staff and families how to communicate love to someone with an intellectual disabilities in a way that they understand. The flip side to that is helping people with disabilities love and build relationships with the other people in their life. Do Love First is a philosophy, a training tool, a challenge and a reminder, it is the undercurrent to all we do and runs through our veins quicker than coffee.

How We ‘Do Love First’

Two members holding hands.

Changing the Game

It is a fight and a battle to change the status quo. Inch by inch we push to raise the bar and set the standard for how people with intellectual disabilities are viewed and treated. It starts on the front line with our workers, in our homes and at our day programs. We strive for excellence. Our houses are homes and our day programs are places with purpose and joy.

Services + Programs 

A Brigher Future

Do you have a vision for what the future looks like for those with Intellectual disabilities? We do and its a bright one, so put on your sunglasses and envision with us the not so distant future. Entoto is a place and a typology. It is a space that is created for people with disabilities but invites the rest of community to be a part of it. It  highlights the value of people with Intellectual disabilities, building for their strengths and addressing sensory needs all while helping all people connect and build friendships. It is the first of its kind in the world and it’s starting right here.

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