Friendship that breaks through social barriers

Our summer Program was created to bridge the relational gap between those that experience intellectual disability and those that don’t. May through August all people are welcome to come and participate in the program, including school groups, senior centers, families and everyone in between. Through coordinated activities we ask all participants to push past the social barriers and personal comfort zones and get to know one another all while having fun and experiencing new things together. The Program takes place on a farm that rests just outside of the city at 5310 Clarence Ave S. It is both a peaceful and lively place were people come together to connect and build friendships  surrounded by nature.

  • Open Tuesday to Friday between the hours of 10:00 am to 3:00 pm (can stay the whole day and bring a lunch or a couple hours your choice)

  • One household per day 14 people total. $5 per participant (support workers are free)

  • We will provide a hand-washing station and suggest that you bring your own hand sanitizer, if you would like to wear a mask please provide your own. 


Please contact / (306)321-4530
to book

Please fill out the waiver before coming to participate