homes centred around family and relationship

Light of the Prairies philosophy of care is rooted in a relationship based model. This means that all aspects of care and support are based in the relationship between the individual being supported and the person providing support. We encourage healthy loving relationships and a family dynamic that strongly encourages and welcomes the family members of those we support into their loved one’s homes. Light of the Prairies currently has seven operational homes and will soon be opening several more. We have group homes and group living homes funded by both Child and Family Services and CLSD (Community Living Service Delivery). When an individual moves into the home, they are adopted into a family and that home becomes their home. When there is an opening in a home clients are not placed on a waiting list. The space is filled based on how the individual will fit with the other members in the home.


Light of the Prairies residential programs are set up as individual homes that are led by team leaders. Team leaders lead and train our support workers in all aspects of support. Our team leaders are supported by our management team including a Residential Program Coordinator and the Director of Operations. Our homes support a very wide variety of needs. We are blessed to have very experienced leadership who are equipped to provide programming for extensive and complex needs. Though separate geographically, all our homes get together on a regular basis for joint activities and fun outings. We rate much of our success in the fulfillment and fullness of life and FUN in the lives of the people we support and those supporting them.


Our behaviour supports are deeply rooted in our philosophy, and we believe that meeting the needs of the whole person, will allow them to grow more fully into their highest potential. Light of the Prairies believes that the whole person is comprised of a soul, mind, and body. Therefore, we provide support to the whole person by encouraging growth in all aspects based on their interests and goals. We welcome dialogue and input from families regarding their loved one’s pursuits.  Light of the Prairies seeks to enrich the lives of the people we support by encouraging relationship with their families and friends. We encourage and welcome family to events and activities in and out of their home. Light of the Prairies places great importance on the health and safety of everyone in our care. We recognize that individuals have various interests and preferences regarding lifestyle and entertainment. Our philosophy is intended to bring about positive interaction in all relationships. Therefore, it is our position, that a choice to live in a Light of the Prairies home is an opportunity to live within the philosophy and culture of the agency.


We look forward to hearing from you. If you have questions concerning our Residential Program, please contact Jade Leblanc Program Coordinator, at, (306) 933-1276