est. 1988

Back in 1988 when acid wash jeans and the walkman were cool, our very first home opened up. There was a desire for the gentlemen that lived there to be apart of purposeful activities during the day and that was the beginning of our first day program.

From there some pretty exciting things have happened. We continued to grow and have homes and Day Programs scattered throughout the city that support some of  Saskatoon’s finest.

A while back we asked a question that propelled us onto a new journey that has begun to create waves in places further than we could have imagined. We wanted to do more for those we support and so we asked, How do people live their best live? We discovered that people live their best lives when they have healthy meaningful relationships and the solution can be can be summed up in our “Do Love First” Philosophy. You can read more about that here. This tool allows us to communicate to others that they are loved, not through explanation but rather through action so they are able feel and know. Now we are on a journey to help people have healthy relationships and see the value of that people with disabilities have.