5310 Clarence Avenue South

“a place that is designed for people with disabilities but also invites the broader community to share and connect through common, innovative and creative experiences.”

Light of the Prairies began the development of an Intentional Community in 2015. It is the first of its kind in the province, created to bridge the relational gap between those that experience intellectual disability and those that don’t. It is located just south of Saskatoon at 5310 Clarence Ave S, and is fondly referred to as Walter Lane.

 At this property individuals have come together to live, work and play while breaking down barriers and building inclusion. 

The community hosts an operational farm, two group homes, rental suits, and a community garden. From the months of May through September the community hosts a summer program intentional in its purpose to help people connect while enjoying all that the property has to offer. These connections are formed by placing an emphasis on intentionally coordinated and planned activities as well as encouraging those  experiencing disability to welcome and host others. 


To further expand this community and its impact Light of the Prairies is constructing the first ever Sensory Forest and Community Centre. As the initiative is the first of it’s kind in the world, a new name that reflected the uniqueness of the endeavor was needed. Entoto means all-encompassing, complete and all-together. It involves a program of intentional connection but its main focus is creating intellectually accessible space that is inspiring and functional for the development of relationships.


The Entoto Forest

The Entoto Forest is on the cutting edge of intellectually accessible design. What ramps, braille and automatic doors have done for those with physical disability, this environment begins to do for those with intellectual disability. It will give them an enhanced sensory environment in which to engage with, and be valued by the broader community. The uniqueness of the forest is evidenced in creating a sensory stimulated trail with six anchor installations that are sensory in their design and community based in there function. 

The Community Centre

The Entoto Community Centre will further enhance inclusion by providing resources to clients, families and the public. It will allow for life skills and employment training in an intellectually accessible context that is built with our clients in mind but open to everyone. The centre will include an accessible atrium, a commercial kitchen with conference space and sensory elements built into the structure.

“The design and function is intentionally created in all aspects to bring people together and facilitate relationships.”

“I think it has been a great experience for everyone out here …the Serenity Atmosphere is what I call it, its just so peaceful and calming for everyone”

Roxanne Mote - Program Facilitator


We look forward to hearing from you. If you have questions concerning the Intended Community, please contact Sarah Koback Associate Director, at, (306) 665-2748