Can’t Be Done Without You

The basic needs of housing, food, and operational costs for our clients are met through contracts from the Province of Saskatchewan. However, everyone deserves more from life than just the basics. To ensure that we can help our clients maintain an appropriate level of dignity and quality of life to achieve their potential, we must rely on community support. Every donation has an impact and we ask you to consider how you can contribute:


Consider your giving options

Options for single or reoccurring donations our available on our Canada Helps Page. Giving does not need to be confined to monetary gifts. Real estate or other assets are a way some choose to donate, if this is something you are considering, please contact us. Light of the Prairies is a registered charity and all gifts exceeding $20 will receive a donation receipt for income tax purposes



During your lifetime

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and even life insurance policies can all be donated to Light of the Prairies. The Government of Canada offers considerable tax incentives that drastically reduce the out-of-pocket cost of donating some of these assets. Call us or talk to your professional advisors for more information.


Donating as part of your estate

Incorporating Light of the Prairies into your estate plan is an effective and fulfilling way to give. It is an opportunity that can provide tax-efficient and long-term methods of giving that extend beyond your lifetime. Opportunities to maximize giving are often best if established prior to or when entering retirement, but can be addressed at any time. If this is something that interests you, please talk with us or your professional advisors for more information.



At Light of the Prairies we want to provide more opportunities for the people in our community. We desire to meet the needs of those with cognitive disabilities both within the programs we currently run and the ones we have a passion to create.  To begin, we have set a target of one million dollars in support. Through long term financial investments, we will be able to expand our options for programming. We desire to create inclusive environments where barriers are broken so those who require supports and those who don’t are able to interact together.  At present, we urgently need capital so we can broaden our offerings by adding facilities and programs to accommodate elderly individuals with intellectual disabilities and special medical problems. There are no appropriate supports for these people, so they are forced to leave their homes each day rather than retire and live out their years in comfort – a privilege that most of us take for granted. In this area, Light of the Prairies would lead the way in developing appropriate options and programs to enhance the lives of these vulnerable people.


We look forward to hearing from you. If you have questions about giving, please contact Linda Ebach, Chair of the Board of Directors, at, (306) 978-2255